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Robert O'Donnell

I am running for City Council-At-Large in La Porte, Indiana.

Looking to improve our city

I, like many, would like our city to be better than it is. I want us to be proud of the city and with your vote, we can do this together.

The city we live in may be small, but that does not mean that we should be left behind.  We can be at the forefront of the cities in Indiana. There are so many things that are stopping us from doing so that need changing like old outdated city codes and improving a crumbling infrastructure.

About why I am running

My name is Robert O’Donnell and I am running for La Porte City Council-At-Large. I have decided to run to do my part and help the city become what I know it can be. My plan is to give the people and the small business of La Porte a voice again. 

What needs to be done

Let's stop wasting city funds on things that are not needed until all the roads are fixed in town and the infrastructure is in good shape and in place for the future. This needs to be a city where businesses want to invest in, where people want to live and raise their families.

What needs to happen

We need someone in office that is going to stick up for the people of the city to help stop the wasteful spending on things that are not in the city's best interests. I will work on the things that matter to the people of La Porte.

Heping to create a city that works for you.

You can make a donation here.

You can make a difference just by helping out the campaign. Together we will make La Porte into the city that works for the people again.